5 Yoga Poses That Actually Works to Reduce Belly Fat

I was getting fat few months ago .It is very hard for me to join a gym due to my busy schedule.Therefore ,I thought that I should do some yoga poses at home to reduce my belly fat.All my jeans then got unfit to me .So I tried some of the yoga poses that worked wonder for me.I did it for 20-25 minutes daily and I saw result in few days.Here are the list of poses that I did to reduce my belly fat and still I am doing it regularly.My waist was about 30 before starting yoga but now it is 26.

Bhujanasana or Cobra Pose:-

Bhujanasana is a very beneficial to reduce belly fat and it is quite easy to do .

Keep your arms straight while doing this pose .Stretch your back and keep your eyes close.


Navasana or Boat Asana:-

Navasana is the second one pose that I do .It is also very easy.

Sit down on the floor

Raise your legs up and try to keep touch your feet with your hands.Stay in the pose about 30 second and come back in the position slowly.

Avoid this asana during pregnancy ,blood pressure,menstrual problem and back pain.


Salutation Pose:-

Salutation pose is very easy and very effective.

Stand straight and raise your hand above toward the ceiling now little bend your self to the back and stay in the position as you can.

salutation pose.jpg

Urdhva Dhanurasana or Wheel Pose:-

Lie supine on the floor.Bend your knees and now bend your elbow and open up your palm on the floor.Now push your self and lift your buttock in the air .All your weight should be on legs and arm.It will stretch your belly muscles  that would be helpful to reduce fat.

urdhva dhanurasana



Dhanurasna is also quite beneficial .

Lay down toward the floor .Raise your legs in the air . Lift your head and take your arm back toward the legs.Hold your ankles with your both hands and stay in the position for few seconds.


Try these yoga poses and share your experience with me

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