Liebester Award

Liebester Award Mena Thyagraj has nominated me for the Liebester Award. I want to give Meena a massive thank you for taking the time and nominating me! I also want to say sorry for being late with this post but I promise I didn’t forget about you or this post.  Rules: Acknowledge the blogger who … Continue reading Liebester Award

Almond and Glowing Skin

Almonds are rich in vitamin, fiber ,Protein ,Omega and many other.So,it is not only good for our health but also for our skin.It helps us to reduce many skin problems. Pollution and dust make our skin very dull .So ,soak some almond in water overnight and make paste in the morning and apply it on … Continue reading Almond and Glowing Skin

Brillare Science Heavy Moisturising Shampoo

  I have frizzy hair and monsoon season makes my hair like hell.I need extra moisturizer in monsoon .So, that's why I came to know about Brillar Science Heavy Moisturizing Shampoo.Here ,are the reviews of this shampoo. What the company claims about Brillare Science Heavy Moisturising Shampoo:-  Nourishing olive oil in combination with jojoba oil provides perfect dry … Continue reading Brillare Science Heavy Moisturising Shampoo