VLCC Anti Tan Skin Lightning Face Wash

Skin type-


Skin Tone:-

Medium Olive


In this summers I got a very tanning skin and that’s why I thought to give a try on VLCC Face wash.Here are the reviews about it.

What the company claims about VLCC Anti Tan Skin Lightning Face Wash:-

Mulberries are rich antioxidants,renowned for their impressive ability to neutralize free radicals that can cause damage to skin.They also help to regulate melanin synthesis- a naturally rejuvenating  process that forms a protective covering  in the inner layers of the epidermis,absorbing UV rays and inhibiting their penetration Anti Tank Skin Lightening ?Face Wash is ideal for dull and tanned skin .Its purifying properties leaves skin refreshed and oil free.With the additional benefits of other natural ingredients,It helps to clear spot ,blemishes and other skin irregularities ,leaving it pure ,clean and radiant.


I think 125 for 50 gm.


vlcc anti tan skin lightening face wash

My experience with VLCC Anti Tan Skin Lightning Face Wash:-


It comes in white -orange plastic tube with an orange flip flap cap.The packaging is average nothing is special about it.


This face wash is different than others because it comes in  thick consistency with very tiny particles that are smooth on skin and does not harsh for skin.

vlcc anti tan skin lightning face wash

Tanning in summers is very common .However it bother every girl.I used a lot of products like home made packs and facials.I used Inveda d-tan facial kit that worked wonder on me ,But apart from this I also purchased Vlcc face wash from Here.

I have been using it for more than 20 days and I think it is a good time to review it.The face wash is of white color with small orange particles.It seems like a face scrub.Only a pea sized amount is enough for my face.I rub my face in circular motion about 15-20 seconds and wash it out.It does not lather like other face wash.It is a good option for everyday use.It prevents all the impurities from my face and make me feel very fresh.I liked this face wash because it is paraben free .All the ingredients list is mentioned on the back of the tube.

But I think amount of product is very less as compared to the price .I used it only for 20 days and it is literally about to finish.I used only 2 times a day daily.I didn’t noticed that does it prevent tanning from my face or not because I used facial massage every week .I feel my skin little oily after few minutes of use.

vlcc anti tan skin lightening face wash

vlcc anti tan skin lightening face wash


  • Easy available.
  • Good texture
  • I think it is travel friendly.
  • Affordable.
  • Paraben free
  • Travel friendly


  • Make skin oily in few minutes.


Yes for sure .It is a good everyday fash wash.

Will I purchase it again:-

I would like to try another one.


3.80/ 5.

Love you alll….

XOXO Anita


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