Home made Aloe Vera Gel

  Aloe Vera is good for our face and skin,it makes our skin soft and glowing.There are lot of all Vera products available in market.People use Aloe Vera in face pack and also in hair packs.But if you want to make aloe Vera gel at home then you can make  in easy steps.So lets start:- Ingredients:- … Continue reading Home made Aloe Vera Gel

Silver-Smokey Eye Makeup

Hello all beautiful ladies.......How is your weekend ???Mine was absolutely  fine.... Today I was free and i had nothing to do so I thought to do my eye-makeup .It was really fun for me.What do you do in your free time???I do eye-makeup in my free time.So,Today when I was free then i thought to … Continue reading Silver-Smokey Eye Makeup