Tips To Lose Weight in 45 Days

Today,people are gaining their weight very fast and its only because of our living style.We always prefer junk food instead of home made simple food.So , this causes so many diseases to our body like weight gaining and obesity.So if you want to lose your weight in 45 days then  follow these tips to stay healthy and lose your weight.


  1. Take a look on your calories:-          

                         One of the biggest reason of putting weight when we don’t  look on our calories chart.Don’t exceed more than 1600 calories in a day.Look up on your calories that how many calories you are taking in a day.

  2. Don’t skip breakfast:-

                             Most of the people skip their breakfast to lose their weight but this is absolutely wrong because breakfast is must .You can add juice ,fruits or oats in your breakfast.

  3. Use stairs instead of lift:-

                         If you really want to lose  your weight then always skip lift and opt for stairs.By going through stairs will definitely burn your calories and make you sweat and you know that sweat also burn calories.

  4. Daily walk:-

                       Daily 30 minutes fast walk also will reduce your weight.Daily 30 minutes walk can burn your 150 calories.

  5. Avoid Junk Food  :-

    Junk foods are made of oil.Oil are primarily reason of our weight gain.It also causes many heart problems and obesity too.

  6. Do Household chores:-

    Do your daily household chores like brooming and mopping.In this way you can also clean your home and stay healthy.

  7. Opt Jaggery instead of Sugar :-

    Avoid sugar can also reduce your weight because sugar contains carbohydrates that are main cause of obesity.So , to stay healthy just add jaggery in your food instead of sugar.You can use jaggery in tea,coffee and also in all desserts .

  8. Take tea without milk:-

    Take tea without milk or you can also opt for the lemon tea and green tea instead of creamy milk tea.Because creamy milk make you fat and also add calories.If also you want to drink milk you should always take it without cream.

  9. Drink Water:-

                                     Water flush out the harmful toxins in our body .So,drink a lot of water as you can drink.At least 12-14 glass of water daily should be taken.

  10. Start your Morning with lemon water:-

                                In the morning take a glass of lemon water but remember do not add sugar or salt, but you can add some honey in your lemon water 

                                                                                                Stay Healthy 🙂

    If you have any other tips to lose weight then reply me in a comment .I would love to read your comments……..                                                                                                                                                                                            Lots of love and hugs

                                                                                                        Love you alllllll……

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