X Drax Viwa Parfum Spray

Hello friend.... Today I am going to review a perfume spray that I bought few weeks ago and I have used it so many times.That's why I think this is the right time to review it.So let's start:- Price:- 153 for 40 ml. Shelf Life:- 3 years. Ingredients:- Not mentioned. My experience with X Drax … Continue reading X Drax Viwa Parfum Spray

Monet Passport Spray Perfume

I recently finished my NEXT Fresho Fresh Eau de Perfume and this time I wanted to try my hand on another one.Therefore, I bought  this perfume and here are the reviews about this perfume. Price:- 175 for 30 ml. Ingredients:- My experience with Monet Passport Spray Perfume Packaging:- It comes in transparent glass bottle with a black cap.The … Continue reading Monet Passport Spray Perfume

Create a Scent You’ll Love by Mixing different Perfumes

If you are still searching for the perfect signature scent ,here 's a tip .Make it yourself.After all,no one knows what you like better than you do.One sure -fire way to achieve a truly unique scent is by layering  fragrances you already own.Don't know where to begin? Here 's some help:- Apply a lighter perfume … Continue reading Create a Scent You’ll Love by Mixing different Perfumes