X Drax Viwa Parfum Spray

X Drax Viwa Parfum Spray

Hello friend….

Today I am going to review a perfume spray that I bought few weeks ago and I have used it so many times.That’s why I think this is the right time to review it.So let’s start:-


153 for 40 ml.

Shelf Life:-

3 years.


Not mentioned.

My experience with X Drax Viwa Parfum Spray:-


It comes in dark peacock green glass bottle with a silver cap.

X Drax Viwa Parfum Spray

X Drax Viwa Parfum Spray

X Drax Viwa Parfum Spray

Actually I went to market to buy something else and I just random took this perfume. Honestly , I bought this spray because I  liked the packaging of it because it is very luxurious and I found it very pretty.It comes on a very decent price and the fragrance stays for 4-5 hours on me.Fragrance is quite good and does not bother my sensitive nose.It is easily available in the local market as well as you also can buy it online Here and Here.So , getting it is not an issue but the only issue is that no ingredients list is mentioned on the packaging .So you will not have any idea that what you are applying on your body.


  • Availability.
  • Packaging.
  • Decent Price.
  • Nice fragrance.
  • Long lasting.


  • Missing ingredients list.


Yes of course because it is available on a quite cheaper price and stays for longer time.

Will I buy it again?:-

I m confused.



Love you alll…..



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