Dabur Badam Tail Review


I have been using this oil for more than 3 months and this is the perfect time to review it.So, let’s see how it worked on me.

What the company claims about Dabur Badam Tail :-

dabur badam tail


100 for 25 ml.

Shelf Life :-

2 years.


Dabur Badam Tail

My experience with Dabur Badam Tail :-


It comes in glass bottle with a yellow screw cap

Dabur Badam Tail


very runny.

Dabur Badam Tail

I used this oil for three months . It comes in round glass bottle .Ingredients list is mentioned on the outer packaging as well as on the bottle itself.Consistency is runny .It feels little heavy so it takes few minutes to get absorb.I apply it two times a day in the morning and in the evening before  going into bed.I definitely  has made my under eyes lines less visible but I did not feel any reduction in dark circles.Ingredients list is quite impressive because it says that it contains only one ingredient that is almond oil.I used it twice or thrice for my hairs and I feel my hairs more bouncy and silky after using it.


  • Pure almond oil.
  • Availability
  • Makes skin soft and beautiful
  • Makes brain healthy
  • good for hair.


  • It is Travel friendly.
  • Does not work to reduce dark circle.


Yes , of course.

Will I buy it again?

Yes , I want to use it for little bit more time to see the difference.



Love you alll….



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