Skin Care Regime for Bride-To-Be

skin care regime for bride to be.jpg

Marriage is a very special moment for every girl and they want to look like a fairy on that day.But, sometimes they do some mistakes before marriage that can give them some harmful effect and can ruin their day.So there are some steps that can be helpful for you to look glowing and amazing on your wedding day.So let’s start:-


Cleasing , Toning and Moituriser is must for every bride to be .Girls should do all these three thing on regular basis to get a clear and glowing skin and you would look beautiful on your day if your skin would look fresh and glowing.Apply any good moisturiser that has SPF.

Proper Sleep:-

It is advisable to take at least 8 hours sleep everyday.It would relax your mind and help to create new cells.Proper sleep would also keep away you from dark circles.


Start in-taking at least 3 liters of water everyday.Water helps to release toxins from body and regulate your digestion system .It also would make your skin glowing naturally. 

Facial Sitting:-

Start your facial sitting at parlor about 3 months before your marriage.It would make your skin look glowing and clean and would provide extra nourishment to your skin.Take the facial , manicure and pedicure at parlor.


Do not skip your workout session.It is helpful to avoid extra stress and keep body fit and healthy.

Avoid Experiment:-

Do not do any type of experiment with your makeup products.You just use the regular products that you use regularly.Sometime , new products may give you rashes or pimple .So to avoid such problem use those products that your skin is  familier with.

Natural Products:-

You should use only natural products on your face if you have to scrub or face pack because they are not harsh for skin and would not give you any negative effect.So try natural face packs and scrub.

Avoid oily and Fast Food:-

Start eating healthy food like green vegetables and fresh fruits .They are rich in vitamins , proteins and minerals that naturally make the skin glowing and beautiful.

Love you alll….



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