My Current Night Time Skin Care Regime


Night time is the time when our skin relaxes and build new tissues.Therefore it is necessary for everyone to apply something on skin  and do not leave your skin without moisturized it properly.You may use any skin cream that suits your skin to moisturize it properly .Today, I am going to share my current night time regime for glowing and healthy skin.

Ayur Herbal Astringent:-

I have been using this product for 6 month and I think it is the most wonderful product on a very decent price available in the market that clean your skin and provides a moisturizer to your skin.

Good Vibes Face Mist:-

This face mist contains lavender oil that is quite good for skin and I like its fragrance that make me feel very refreshed when I use it. 

Aura Vedic Kukumadi Oil:-

This oil has become my favorite oil and I use it regularly on my skin .I have been using this oil for more than 7 months and I saw changes in my skin .I feel My skin more glowing when I wakes up in the morning. 

Aura Vedic Skin Lightening Oil:-

I bought this oil few days back and I am impressed with the ingredients list of this oil.This is also very affordable and good oil to provide enough moisturizer to your skin .

Vaadi Herbal  Blueberry Lip Balm:

The vaadi herbal lip balms have become my favorite lip balm because the keep hydrate my lips for a very longer time and make them soft .

I hope you will like this post….Please share you skin care regime with me in the comment section…..

Love you alll….




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