Clothes Suggestion While Travelling

Sometimes people do not know that what type of clothes they should wear while travelling and they wear uncomfortable clothes  that make their journey a bit bitter.Therefore , I am going to post some ideas to let you know about the outfits that look super cool and people feel comfortable in these clothes.So let’s  start:-


You are advised to wear a top but remember it should be not be skinny or tight.You should opt a top that is loose and comfortable.  Select  a neutral colors like off white , white or any other light color.



Select a tight jean but it should be stretchable otherwise you will not feel comfortable during your whole journey and it will spoil the taste your whole journey.



Select a cardigan in neutral shade according to the weather like if you are travelling in winter than choose a warm cardigan that keeps yourself warm and for summer you should wear a cotton cardigan.



You also can make a stylish look by wearing jacket like denim jacket or any leather jacket.You will rock the look when you wear a trench coat.

jacket for women.png

Maxi dress:-

You also can opt a long maxi dress and pair it with a jacket to look chic and  stylish.Wear a leather jacket over a maxi dress to create a statement .

maxi dress with jacket.png

I hope you would like this post.

Love you alll….



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