Charcoal Benefits for skin and Hair

charcoal benefits for skin and hair.png

Charcoal specifically benefited  for the skin as well as for hairs.All type of issue related to these both can be treated well with charcoal.Here is a guide to use this ingredient for both:-

Skin repair:-

Active charcoal deeply cleanses the skin by absorbing deep- rooted impurities and toxins from the polluted environment.It also controls unpleasant shine , itching and tightens the pores.

Great for oily skin:-

Those who have oily skin , activated charcoal is a rescuer.Itpulls  out excess oil from your skin and makes your skin feeling smooth.

Goodbye oily hair:-

Regular shampoo only removes surface dirt but activated charcoal will pull out more than what  regular shampoos can achieve.A shampoo with activated charcoal has  the ability to absorb bacteria.

Love you alll….



Good Vibes Charcoal Face Mask

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