Miss Clare Makeup Palette 9916-4

Miss Clare Makeup Palette 9916-4

I bought another makeup palette from miss claire. Therefore here are the reviews about this palette and see whether it impressed me or not or whether it is worth buying.


255 for  16.20 gm.

Shelf Life:-

3 years.


Miss Clare Makeup Palette 9916-4

My experience with:-


The outer cardboard box is quite attractive with a silver color pack that make it look classy.

Miss Clare Makeup Palette 9916-4


Everything is super creamy and easy to glide.

I was super excited to use this palette but after buying I was little bit confused that whether it would be of good quality or not.This palette has 12 eyeshadow and 3 blush. All the shades are very beautiful and the formula is super creamy   though they comes in powder.The three shades are shimmery and others are matte.Staying power is also very good .It stays on me around 5-6 hours without using any primer.The blushes are  with tiny sparkles in it.Here are the all shades swatches:-



  • First blush from top is pink that is very pigmented and little is more .

Rosy brown:-

  • Second blush is rosy brown that also for the dusky beauties.


  • The third one is peach blush that is also very pigmented.

Miss Clare Makeup Palette 9916-4


  • The first eyeshadow is  yellow and it is lemon shade yellow.
  • The second shadow is in blue color and it is matte.
  • The third one is rosy brown shade just like the blush and it is shimmery.
  • Next is white eyeshadow that can be used as highlighter.
  • In the second row first color is parrot gree
  • The second one is pinkish red
  • Next is copper color and is shimmery  
  • Another in this row is grey color.
  • The last row starts with a pistachio color shade 
  • The next in this row is violet color.
  • Another one is little dark shade and it is  is like coffee shade.
  • The last is gun metal grey color.

Miss Clare Makeup Palette 9916-4


  • Affordable.
  • Texture.
  • Very Pigmented.
  • Easily available on internet.
  • Comes with mirror.
  • Beautiful shades.
  • Staying power


Sorry I didn’t find any.No one can find any good eyeshadow and blush palette on this decent price.


Yes for 100 of times.

Will I buy it again?:-

I would love to buy another one .It will go longer.



Love you alll….



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