Winter Hair Care Routine

winter hair care

Winters are finally here and this weather needs more care for our hair.It makes our hair more dry and rough.So there are some tips to take care in this season:-

Take cover and wear hat:-

Always carry with you a hat  or hair band to protect your hair from damage.If you really  can’t help being in a really polluted area keep your hair covered if you can or tie it back.

Wash it regularly:-

Fortunately, pollutants sit on the outside of the cuticles and so can easily be washed off, so in order to reduce the microbial content of the scalp and make it less itchy and prone to flaking . We recommend regular shampooing .

Adjust your styling routine:-

Hair  that has been exposed to excessive amount of air pollution becomes damaged , brittle and more split ends.Keep this in  mind when using heat from a flat iron, curling  iron or  hair dryer.Minimize the amount of heat you use and amount of heat you use and always use heat protection.

Deep Condition:-

Start a  deep conditioning routine weekly.Deep conditioners are used  to repair damaged hair, penetrating deep into the hair and hydrating it.

Love you alll….



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