This Winter, Boost Your Energy, Mood

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Winter has come and people feel lazy in this season .They want to sleep extra hours and feel little low.What we do to boost our energy , we usually eat sugary snacks and energy drinks that often leads to gain unnecessary weight .This time I have picked some  healthy options  to boost your energy level as well as mood.


Bright colored food such as beetroot are an  excellent  source of energy during winter.It also  helps to boost your mood.It is low in fat , rich in vitamin C and full of anti oxidants , which increase  your energy .


 Whatever the season , bananas are a power house of energy.This contain carbohydrates , potassium and vitamins B6, all of  which boost  your energy.

Sweet Potatoes:-

They provide complex carbohydrates  and are  high in fiber.the high fiber content  slow  the rate of digestion , which  means  that the  energy is released in a slow and  a steady manners.Also complex carbohydrates breaks  down much slower and are stored in liver or your muscles  to be used later.


Fish is a super food that is loaded with vitamins D and B2, Omega 3 fatty acids along  with minerals like as iron , zinc , lodine , magnesium and  potassium,Eating  fish will help you to deal  with fatigue  during the winter months.Fish also contain Omega 3 fatty acids that are essential  for brain health as  it has  anti  depression effects.

Dark Chocolates:-

One of the best ways to deal with the winter blues  is to indulge in dark chocolate,

Love you alll….



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