Good Vibes Papaya Hydrating Face Cream

Moisturizer are essential for everyone in  every season to keep our skin hydrated.Here I am reviewing a moisturizer that I bought  a month ago.

What the company claims about Good Vibes Papaya Hydrating Face Cream:-

Its moisturizing properties fill the face with hydrating components and brings back its radiance.


225 for 50 ml.

Shelf Life:-

2 years.


Good Vibes Papaya Hydrating Face Cream

My experience with Good Vibes Papaya Hydrating Face Cream:-

It comes in plastic tub size packaging with golden screw cap.An inner cap is provided with it to keep it mess free.

Good Vibes Papaya Hydrating Face Cream


Texture is not so thick and easily glides on skin.


I bought several product of Good vibes from Here. These products are very natural and ingredients are also very natural.It absorbs in skin very soon.The color of the cream is light orange and it smell amazing that does not bother any sensitive nose.The staying power is around 3-4 hours and keeps my skin hydrate for that time.It does not gives any type of irritation to my skin.


Cruelty free.
Paraben free.
No Sulphate.
Nice fragrance.
Natural ingredient list.
No mineral Oil.


Staying Power.
Long ingredient list


I think that people should give it a try.It is a nice cream.

Will I buy it again or not?:-

I think I will not buy it again.



Love you alll…



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