Natural Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circles

dark circles

Dark circles or under eye pigmentation can be a result as sluggish blood circulation to eyes , lack of sleep or fatigue, genetic nutritional deficiencies , increased pigmentation due to sun exposure as well as thin skin.There are some home remedies that are useful to avoid these type of problems:-


Grate some chilled potatoes to extract  the juice.Dip a cotton ball in  the extract and place it on the eyes.Let it stay for 15 minutes.Wash your eyes  with cold water one done.Raw potatoes are natural bleaching agent that help to lighten the skin .


They have mild astringent and skin lightening properties.Refrigerate cucumber slices  for about 30 minutes  and then  leave them  on your eyes  for 15 minutes.After ward wash your eyes  with.It can be done twice a day for achieving best result.

Cold Compression:-

Every day in the morning , cold compress your eyes area with ice as it helps  constrict the blood vessels and thus reduce puffiness of the eyes.You can also use the refrigerate  tea bags for best result.

Love you alll….



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