7 Stylish Ways to Look Your Best in Monsoon

7 Stylish Ways to Look Your Best in Monsoon

Monsoon brings much needed respite from the heat , but the season is also a challenge when it comes to dressing up.While you want to look stylish , the rains may ruin your shoes and clothes.Here are the ways to look stylish in this season:-

Wear Light Clothes

You should wear light and breathable clothes.Synthetic clothes should be avoided completely.A stylish trench or rain coat is must in the monsoon

Go short:-

You can wear shorts , short skirts ,playsuits and dresses  that are most comfortable to carry off in the monsoon.Moreover, team  up quirky  accessories  with short dresses .You also can try flower prints in this season as they add more charm to your look.

Play with color:-

You should wear dark and bright colors in this season like pink , red , yellow and orange .Light color gives the feeling of dullness in this season .So opt for bright color instead of light colors.

Skin care:-

You should take extra care of your skin in this season.So  hydrate it well  with moisturizer and do not forget to apply sun screen in this season before stepping out of the house.You should choose water proof products in monsoon.

Nylon Bags:-

Opt for nylon bags because they are the life savior in the season .It will keep all your vulnerable dry and also a new style to follow.


You should  choose the flat and flip flops in this season because they save you from unpredictable puddles and muddy streets.

Don’t forget your Umbrella

Last but not the least , a vibrant collection of umbrellas is a must have in monsoon.Th miniature and foldable varieties can be easily put in your bag.

Love you alll….



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