5 Ways to Beat Anxiety and Change Lifestyle

ways to reduce stress

Stress is body ‘s natural response to pressure and can cause headaches ,anxiety, fatigue and irritability.

Physical activity

All forms of physical activity are useful In managing stress.Exercise has many benefits such as releasing endorphins and calming the mind with a reduction in stress level being an added bonus.Even 45 minutes walk can do a lot to relief our body from stress.

Organize your Life

oraganizing workload to a sense of control and peace of mind and there are many ways to acheiving this.priorities your task and in this way you can manage tour tum more well.Switching between task and habingg them pile up often becomes an additional source of stress.

Use Herbs in Daily Diet

Herbs like Ashvaganda have been proven to be effective in man aging the negative effects of stress.It is a way to adatogan that helps the body stabilise physiological processes, maintain a healthy balance between differ ent biological system.

Eat the right food

Your eating habits also effects your stress level . A diet rich in different food groups such as vegetables , fruit, while grains , dairy and fish would help you to get thee carbohydrates,protein, fat and vitamins you need.A well nourished bodyguard. Is better to cope with the physical and emotional effects of stress.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is essential in stress management .Not getting enough sleep typically leads to irritability and fatigue.Oversleeping can make us sluggish,depressed and put our health at higher risk.Getting the right amount of sleep between 7-8 hours,is a good way to stay energized and effective manage the challenges of life.

Love you alll….



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