Smart and Safe Way For Solo Travel

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The idea of travelling alone  for the first time may  seen unnerving.Number of question come in mind to travel alone and it is quite different feeling.Some people who are travelling for the first time do not know what they should carry with them and what not.So today’s post would recommend some of the necessary thing that are quite beneficial for those people who are travelling alone.

Pack Light:-

You have to take care of yourself in a n unknown place , so the less things you have to worry bout, the better .Carry only those things  which are absolutely necessary and of course , leave some space for the souvenirs that you are gong to bring back.

Do not travel without Travel Insurance:-

There are number of things that are beyond your control.Avoid hassle and invest in a travel insurance plan that cover variety of things like lost baggage , cancelled flight and so on.

Keep People Informed about your Intinerary

Always keep someone back home updated about where you will be staying and your plans for the day.Give  them numbers of your hotel to contact  in case they are not able to connect with you.Give a list of emergency contact information to the hotel you are staying .

Keep your Phone Charged:-

Carry a power bank or something similar at all times , as a charging port may not be accessible .Look up date plans for your phone before you go and don’t depend on free WIFI  as the only  mean to contact.

Get some Tech – Report:-

City Mapper:-

This app is easy to use and offers more detailed journey planner information than google Maps.It gives you real – time  departure alerts as well as cycle routes.

Time Out::

This is a directory of ideas and things to do in cities all around the world and covers pretty much everything fro places  to eat to tourist attractions and events. 

Love you alll….



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