Tips to Become a Morning Person


Being a morning person is not every one ‘s cup of tea.While some of us don’t have o make any effort to wake up bright and early, others find it very difficult.If you have to fave the same difficulty then today’s post is all for you to keep your self fresh all the day.

Avoid Hitting the Snooze Button:-

Those of us who use an alarm to wake up have a habit of snoozing the  alarm multiple times .Ignoring the alarm or snoozing it repetitively traps you in a half -awaken half sleep mode .So try to avoid do that.

Increase your energy level:-

One of the reason we have difficulty waking up early is because we tend to have low energy levels in the morning.According to experts , you need a dose f vitamin C in the morning to kick start your day.Opt for a juice or a warm glass of lemon water .Coconut water is also a good option.

Creating a sleep Cocoon:-

Good sleep quality is essential for being an early riser.If you don’t sleep properly , then chances are you will wake up feeling lazy and not so fresh .Creating a sleep cocoon which is making  sure that your bedroom is neat and clean , the bed is comfortable and there is not disturbance in your room.

A hearty breakfast:-

For some , a heavy breakfast makes sleepy during the day.To avoid this opt for protein rich option such as egg white , instead of oily dishes.Fruits are also excellent choice.

Exercise and create a routine:-

A good mix of  cardio , strength and yoga early in the morning keeps us energetic throughout the day.It also reduce the sleep inertia.Try to change your sleep pattern.

Love you alll….



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