Monsoon Hair Problems and Solutions

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The onset of monsoon is quite well predicted by the changing texture in hair that reacts quite tellingly to the rising humidity.Whether one’s hair are straight or  curly, what has been working  throughout the year tends to fail as soon  as the rains arrive.The scalp is effected by humidity and can become itchy and flakey in monsoon.Today’s post is all about the hair problems in monsoon and hair solutions:-

Split Ends:-

The strength of hair and its susceptibility to split ends is directly related to diet , hormones and vitamins or minerals. While it is primarily caused by thyroid deficiency ,excess  use of hot styling tools such as iron ,hot combs and overuse of chemicals treatments.

Therefore do not use hot irons or blow dryers regularly.Stay away from chemicals.


Dandruff can be caused by a number of things including  dry skin , sensitivity to hair products and skin conditions .The over growth of yeast also cause dandruff.

Use anti dandruff shampoo  as non medicated shampoo do not help.Shampoo that contain ketoconazole ,salicylic aid sulpher and coal tar are most effective.

Different types of Hair  their  Problem and Solution:-

Curly or Wavy Hair:-

]As these hair type have uneven surface , a hydrating and moisturizing  shampoo and a conditioner will smoothen and help lock  the moisture.Use a wide  toothed comb in the shower to help distribute the conditioner  evenly.Also use a moisture  and softening home made hair mask such as curd and honey mask.

Straight Hair:-

It tends to become oily and greasy in monsoon due to excessive humidity in the air.The scalp also tends to get oilier which decrease its volume.It is best to use light weight conditioner  which will give the right kind of nourishment .One must also apply a moisture locking dry oil or serum  to get rid of static induce frizz .

Coily Hair:-

This type is most prone to breakage because the bonds in it are slightly weaker at the bend point.It is best to oil this type of hair only once a week and use a sulphate free shampoo as it will save it from breakage .Wash this type of hair twice a week

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