A Guide to Keeping Feet Blister Free in Summers

feet blister in summer.jpg

One of the annoying summer problem is painful blisters on your feet and toes.Blisters can be defined as  a small pockets of fluid that forms because of friction .Here are some the ways to treat blister in summer:-



Sweating is one reason that cause blister on the feet during summers.It usually happen when the sweat clogs the pores in the feet.If you are going to wear shoes for a long  period of hours, then make sure that you air your shoes before wearing them.

Ill – Fitted Shoes:-

Your shoes should not be too tight or too lose.If your shoes are not  of the right fir  then chances are that feet will rub against the shoe causing friction, which in term leads to blister.

Damp Feet:-

If your feet are damp then your skin is ,ore vulnerable to blister in summers.Make sure  to dry your skin  by cleansing your feet properly and applying talcum powder.

Wearing Shoes without Socks:-

One of the biggest mistake you can make during summer  is wearing shoes without socks.Wearing socks reduce the friction between  your feet and shoes.

How to treat Blister:-

Moisturize your feet before wearing shoes .You can use petroleum jelly .If the blister is  small , hen to prevent it from becoming big , apply  a band-aid on it before you wear shoes.Apart from that , lukewarm  Epsom salt bath helps to dry blisters and reduce swelling.You also can opt aloe vera as it is anti bacterial and anti inflammatory.

Love you alll….



Keep Your Hands Soft and Moisturized



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