Joy Hello Sun Sunblock and Anti – Tan Lotion

Joy Hello Sun Sunblock and Anti - Tan Lotion

As the summers are here , it is necessary for everyone to keep protecting their skin from UV rays and sunscreens are the best option.Summers are very hot in Punjab ,.Therefore I also bought a sunscreen  from Here and using it regularly.Here are the reviews about this sun screen:-

What the company claims about:

Formulated with natural sunscreen agent carrot seed oil which  provides broad spectrum UVA+ UVB protection .Controls skin tanning caused due o the damaging effects of sun rays .Offers oil free moisturisaton with lasting glow and sweat  free  feel

  • Prevent tanning and restores natural glow 
  • Sweat free fee, ideal for summer usage
  • Oil free ,Non – greasy moisturisation.


95 for 60 ml.

Shelf Life:-

36 months.

Ingredients List:-

Joy Hello Sun Sunblock and Anti - Tan Lotion

My experience with:-


It comes in bright yellow plastic tube with a blue color flip flop cap that shuts with a click and makes it very travel friendly.

Joy Hello Sun Sunblock and Anti - Tan Lotion


Texture is just like any other face cream .Very nice fragrance and easy to apply on skin.


I have been using it about three weeks and I have to travel in sunshine so it is very often  to  get tan skin.I love the bright packaging .The creams itself  comes in milky white color with SPF 30  that glides easily on face and spread easily on face .Only a tiny amount is enough to cover the whole face.I used to use Jovees Sun Defence Cream Review that I didn’t like.However this one is very nice because it does not make me feel sweaty and I do not feel any type of white cast on my face that most of the sunscreen do.Another good point about it that it is available on affordable price.It does not make my face oily and I think it definitely restore the natural glow of our skin.It provides the matte finish look.

Joy Hello Sun Sunblock and Anti - Tan Lotion

Joy Hello Sun Sunblock and Anti - Tan Lotion


  • Texture.
  • Affordable.
  • Availability.
  • Fragrance.
  • Does not leave white cast.
  • Does not make my face sweaty.
  • Packaging.
  • oil free moisturisation


Sorry I didn’t find any cons


Only for those who have to step out of the house for short spell of time otherwise if someone has to go out for longer time  then I would not recommend.

Will I buy it again??:-

I get bored by using one  product after using again and again but I think I definitely buy it again.



Love you alll….




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