Match your Scent to your Sun Sign

Perfume tips

Next time while looking for a perfume , don’t get overwhelmed by the overduse of choices .Just take a quick look at your Zodiac Sign and find a  fragrance to suit your personality.


Your dynamic and confident personality gets enhanced with powerful musky and spicy scent(think cardamom , cloves and tobacco).These fragrances not only match your  drive out but will do what you aim for .


The cardinal earth sign has a reputation for being stubborn  but remember it is rules by the sensual planet of Venus.Luxurious earthy scents (white musk, oak moss and sandalwood) as well as soft florals (lavender ,lilies and orange) are best suited for the bull.


The twins are fun and flirty but never loud.Male or female , the tangy citrus and lemony scents of the Mediterranean complement their airy sign and easy going nature.Gemini loves variety and even their perfume should have two or more variant that blend well.


Food and home are the true love of the crab and they thrive best when they feel comforted .Anything that reminds them of home will do the trick.Fruity fragrance (vanilla, pink pepper ,wine and cinnamon) will sub consciously soothe the insecurities of the crab.


A flamboyant and classy bottle and packaging matter as much s  the perfume itself for the bold and flashy Leo.Oriental florals  with base notes of chypre and patchouli or amber wood and crystel moss are best suited for the fierce lion.


These folks and picky are drawn to clean , crisp scents that don’t  overpower their finely tuned senses and senseability .The scent of freshly cut grass,basils and ylang ylang will destress the  virgo Ethroughout the day.


Gentle and romantic fragrance  like creamy hazelnut ,wild rose,grape fruit  will reflect  the inner harmony of the  liberan.Loud perfumes should be avoided completely.


Exotic , strongand lingering scent will mimic the scorpio’s intense vibe and mysterious nature.Heavy spicy notes  coupled with  strongbases  like smoke ,amber  and woody  musk  will heighten  their intuition and make  them feel more in control.


The outdoorsy and adventurous  archer  benefits  from fun loving and strong  fragrances,Peonies blended with  wood ,passion fruit mixed with mandarin, wild berries , candy flavor with amber energies the     optimistic Sagittarius.


Traditional scent coupled with tried and tested brands  appeal to the sophisticated and elegant goat.Heady , seductive and over the top concoctions that speak of class and status without being in your face are perfect for this sun sign.


Although congenial, the Aquarian aims to confuse others and not give away its true nature .Hence , androgynous and unisex perfumes that are all encompassing yet retain a bit of mystery work well for the water bearer.


Beachy and marine fragrance of floral with sharp oceanic notes draw out the best in the intuitive Piscean. Unlike other signs, the fish can only survive in water .Hence, cool coastal aromas with a light base are great choices.  

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