Don’t Let Stress Ruin Your Beauty


There are few  things  that adversely affect your look like stress.From pre-mature wrinkles ,acne , uneven skin  tone and  puffy eyes  to dark circle.Stress can make you  look much older than your actual age .Here’s how stress impacts your skin and hire:-


When you are stressed your body releases a lot of cortisol, which messes up other hormones.This cab cause acne.

Sand- paper like skin:-

Stress restricts blood supply to your  skin , which results  in less   supply of oxygen.When the  skin is deprived of nourishment , it looks tired and dull, and it loses moisture , softness and luminosity.

Under Eye Circles:-

If you don’t get enough sleep, fluid collects under your lower eyelid  area which makes your eyes  look puffy and tired.

Dry and Flaky skin:

People often drink less water when under stressed .They also end up  having endless cup of coffee and tea .All of these dehydrated  the body and skin becomes dry and flaky

Premature Wrinkles:-

If you are stressed , you purse your lips and crease your forehead.Your skin  losses its suppleness and it  leads to formation of wrinkles  even at a young age.

Graying and Thinning of Hair:-

Stress hinder  the growth of the hair  follicle and cause it to  weaken , leading to hair loss.It also causes dandruff in hair .Dandruff also leads to scalp acne and hair fall.

Love you alll….



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