Juice Matte Nail Polish M-31

Juice Matte Nail Polish  M-31

Summers are on the next door and it is the time to apply different colors on your nails.I too like different color to paint nails in this season.Here , I am going to review a nail paint that I bought few days back:


50 for 9.9 ml

Shelf Life:-

2 years.

My experience with Juice Matte Nail Polish M-31


It comes in square glass bottle with a square shape silver cap and the shade name is labeled on  the cap.

Juice Matte Nail Polish  M-31

Texture :-

Texture is just like water and have to apply two coats of it to get the right color.

Juice Matte Nail Polish  M-31

If you want to get this nail paint buy it from Here

I was super excited to apply this color as I bought it.I bought two color from this range one for me and another for my cousin.I bought the shade M-31 that is a turquoise color that looks very beautiful. I like the packaging, there are two type of nail paints in this range Matte and non Matte.Matte nail polish have the matte packaging and other have transparent packaging that make it easy to recognize whether the shade is matte or not.

There are huge range of colors.However , it has a very less staying power because it stays for 2 -3 days on my hand and after this it starts chapping on the tip. Applicator is also good because it covers the whole nail into once.It dries very soon after applying so less chances of creating mess.

Juice Matte Nail Polish  M-31

Juice Matte Nail Polish  M-31


  • Very affordable.
  • Beautiful Color.
  • Nice Texture.
  • Huge range of shades.Dries very soon.
  • Pure Matte.
  • Availability


No ingredients list.


Yes for all……These are very affordable nail paint and you can grab the truly matte colors .

Will I buy it again:-

I would like to buy other shades too.



Love you alll….



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