Liebester Award

Liebester Award

Mena Thyagraj has nominated me for the Liebester Award. I want to give Meena a massive thank you for taking the time and nominating me! I also want to say sorry for being late with this post but I promise I didn’t forget about you or this post. 


  • Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 blogs
  • Give them 11 questions to answer

Questions from Meena:


1.       Is there something for what you’d give up everything?

Ans: Yeah for my love….I can do everything for him.

2.       What is the best dish that you can make?

And: I can cook everything .I am a good cook .

3.       If you’re at a friend’s for dinner & don’t like the meal, do you still eat it?

Ans:- I think yes.I have no courage to say bad someone.

4.       If you could trade lives with anyone for a day, who would it be and why?

Ans:- I don’t want to answer that question

5.       How would you describe yourself in one word

Ans: Graceful

6.       If you had a choice of love or fame, which would you honestly choose?

Ans:- Love.

7.       Name 3 things that make you happy…

Ans:- Blogging,Watching tv and stay alone.

8.       Favourite film/tv show

Ans:- There are so many film that I like ….Mujse dosti karoge is one of them. Favorite Tv show :- Khatron K khiladi and Fear Files

9.       If given a chance then which Disney character would you like to be and why?

Ans:-I don’t like Disney Characters

10.     What is your favourite colour and why?

Ans:- Green  because I feel very fresh after wearing it and Red make me feel more energetic and I feel more confident.

11.     Current favorite song?

Ans: Despacito

Here are some question for the other bloggers:-

  1. Dream land where you want to go with your dream prince??
  2. Which is your favorite restaurant ??
  3. Your favorite makeup piece??
  4. The thing you always keep in your bag???
  5. What do you like the most your eyes,Lips or Nose and why?
  6. Your first film that you watched in cinema?
  7. With who share your feelings??
  8. Who is best friend in you family?
  9. The person who cheated on you and you don’t want to forgive him/her.
  10. Your favorite Singer /Actor Or actress??
  11. The last thing you shopped?


And now I nominate

Ms Meehnia

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

Fun Fashion Freedom



Life with Lizzy

Simple ula


Beauti Fashionable

Makeup FOMO

Mona Khaan

Love you alll….



My first Nomination for Mystery Blogger Award

One Lovely Blogger Award


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