Almond and Glowing Skin

almond benefits for skin.jpg

Almonds are rich in vitamin, fiber ,Protein ,Omega and many other.So,it is not only good for our health but also for our skin.It helps us to reduce many skin problems.

  • Pollution and dust make our skin very dull .So ,soak some almond in water overnight and make paste in the morning and apply it on face .Daily use of this face pack will make your skin more refresh and glowing.
  • If someone has very dry skin,then make paste of soaked almond and add some milk in the paste and apply it on the face .It will provide our skin moisture .
  • It also help to lighten our skin tone .It helps to repair tissues and generate new tissue .Add some paste of soaked almond in the face pack and mix them well .Apply this face pack on the skin that will definitely make the skin lighten.
  • It is rich with Vitamin E that helps to reduce wrinkles and works as anti aging.
  • It is good to exfoliate our skin.It help to prevent dead cell from our skin.We can use it as face and body scrub.Add some lemon juice and honey in the grinned almond and use it as scrub .

Love you alll….




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