Colorbar Mesmerl Yes Kajal


Hello beautieessss…..

As all know that our makeup without kajal or eyeliner is not proper so, eyeliner makes the perfect makeup for ladies.I am very much fond of kajal too .I never want to see my eyes without kajal .And summer make the worst condition of our eyes when someone apply the kajal that are not smudge proof .Today I am going to post the reviews about Colorbar Mesmerl Yes Kajal .

Shelf Life:-

2 years.


299 for 0.35gm



My experience with Colorbar Mesmerl Yes Kajal


The outer packaging is of cardboard box .All the description and ingredients are mentioned on the box.The eyeliner comes in the twisted pencil form when you rolled it ,it comes out.



Texture is very smooth and very creamy .It is easy to apply on lid as well as on the waterline.It gives very black intense look to our eyes.We can draw thin or thick line as wish.

one and multiple swipe

I have used vlcc kajal and biotique kajal but both makes my eye area very black  after smudging.However,Colorbar Mesmerl Yes Kajal is quite good because it does not smudge very soon and I apply it on eyelid and waterline and it does not spread for a longer hours.It gives me very fresh look for whole day.Actually, few days back I applied this liner in a very hot and humid day and I was worried that it would make my eyes more black and I would look like a devil .I stayed in the hot weather for about 5-6 hours but I was impressed when I saw after coming back that I was still looking fresh and no smudging around my eyes.


  • Easily available
  • Travel friendly.
  • Affordable.
  • Nice texture.
  • Rich with olive oil
  • we can use on both waterline and lid.


It is not pure smudge proof because hardly rubbing with hand can make little mess.


I think everyone should try this because it is very affordable and cheaper.

Will I buy it again:-

I feel little boar when I use a product for a longer time .So,I think I would take a try on another one though it is a good option.



Love you alll….



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