Beauty Problems- Follow These Tips


We face so many problems in summers.Dirt and pollution effect out skin and hair.To avoid such problems we try several beauty products .However ,we also can use some natural products to avoid these problems.Today’s post is about  that how we can make our skin and hair naturally beautiful in summer season.


Everyone want pink lips.Before going in bed scrub your lips with tooth brush lightly and massage your lips by apply 1 drop of almond oil or honey.You will feel your lips soft and pink in the morning.


To make your nail hard massage your nail with coconut oil .Leave it  in the night.

Thick Eyebrows  and Lashes:-

Thick eyebrows and lashes make a girl look more beautiful.Apply castor oil on your eyebrows and lashes for thickness.

Puffy  eyes and Dark Circles.

Massage your eye area with almond oil.It will not only reduce the dark circle but also puffy eyes.

Soft Hands:-

Add some shea butter and brown sugar in olive oil to make home made scrub  and massage your hand in the night.After few minutes massage wash your hand and apply good hand cream .You will feel your hand more soft in the morning.

Split Hair:-

Apply some aloe vera gel on the tips of your hair  and leave it overnight .For better result apply two times in a week.



Love you alll…..





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