Detox your Body

body detox

It is very necessary to detox our body because dirt do not only effects us externally but also internally.It is good to detox body in every season but in summer it is must to detox.I will describe some of the natural body detox through my post.

Coconut Water:-

Coconut water is best in summer .It is rich in electrolytes and anti-oxidant that helps to thrash out the toxins .


Lemon is quite beneficial.It increases the enzyme level and reduce the toxins in our body.It is good to have lemon water before having breakfast in the morning.

Green Apple

Green apple is good for blood purifier.You can have it before breakfast in he morning.


Mint is commonly used in summers.It is a good to detox our body .You can have mint juice by adding few drops of lemon juice .For taste you can add black pepper .


Avocado is rich in anti-oxidants .

Beet Root

Beet Root is rich in Vitamin B3,B6 ,Iron ,Magnesium,Zinc and calcium that are good to avoid toxins in our body .It is also rich in fibers .

Green Tea

Green tea is rich in anti oxidants that thrash out all the harmful toxins .It also keep our skin glowing.

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Love you alll….




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