Lakme Insta-Liner Water Resistant Review

Eyeliner makes your eyes beautiful and attractive.I personally love to apply eyeliner on my eyes.I am not very much fond of shining liner.I love to own matte eyeliner.I  have  tried shiny eye liner.This is the second time I buy Lakme Insta Liner Water Resistant Eyeliner .I have been using it for many days ,So this is quite well time to share my experience with you all.


Shelf life:-

24 Month


I got it for 110 Rs.But price is vary from store to store.

My experience with :-

This is the second time i bought this eye liner and i love it very much.I also have ordered for Faces eye pencil -solid black(reviewing soon).I love my kohled   eyes.Eyeliner and kajal comes first in my beauty regime.

This eye liner comes in a glass packaging like nail paint jar in a liquid form.Brush of this eye-liner is very thin,so you can create thin to thick line on your lid with it.But the glass packaging looks not very pretty but  do not look its packaging just  focus on its  work.


after 2-3 swatches

It comes in very black color and does not smudge on my eye lid.I wear it from morning to evening without smudging.It is just perfect on my eye lid.I use it every day and does not even irritate my eyes.It go last  for 5-6 month  if you used it daily.The first pic has taken when I applied it in the morning  and the second pic has taken in the evening approximately after 8-9 hours .


The only thing about it is,that there is no ingredients list mentioned on the jar and also not mentioned any price on the jar.It takes few minutes to dry.When i went to buy it on stores ,on the first store it was priced 140 and 110 on the second one.So this is the thing,that i didn’t like about it .But if you want to buy it online then you will see that this is not so costly as i bought.


  • very affordable
  • Staying power
  • Super matte
  • Does not smudge on my eye lid.
  • Does nor irritate my eyes
  • Super black color.


  • Glass packaging.
  • Ingredient list is missing.
  • Does not dry soon.



Yes absolutely,you can buy it .You should definitely try it once  .

Will i buy in future:-

Yes,I would love to buy it in future if i didn’t find any better option except this.




If you tried this liner then reply me in comment box with your experiences.

Love you all


                                                                        OMN. .

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