Lakme Clean Up Face Wash Nourishing Glow Review


I have been using Lakme Clean Up Face Wash for many days.Today  I am going to review Lakme Clean Up Face Wash that I ordered from Nykaa.Com. Nykaa provides  very fine services.The reviews about Lakme Clean Up Face Wash  are here:-

What the company claims about Lakme Clean Up Face Wash:- 

Lakme Clean Up Face Wash comes with Strawberry extracts.It gives nourishing glow to your face.



Shelf Life:

24 month


40 for 25g.

My Experience with Lakme Clean Up Face Wash:- The packaging of the face wash of strawberry color plastic tube with a screw cap.The cap tightly close that make it travel friendly.The liquid inside the tube is of pink color with nano particles of dark pink color.Fragrance is very nice and don’t bother my nose.



I normally don’t use any face wash.The last time I used  the Himaleya face wash that did’t suit me and made my face pimply. So, after that i never use any face wash..

This time I picked Lakme Clean Up Face Wash that suits very well on my skin.It comes in variant fragrances but I took in strawberry.It does not make my face pimply ,But make it soft and glowing.It gives me very “Thanda thanda cool cool ” feeling because it contain menthol .A coin sized amount of it enough to make lather on your face.After washing my face I  feel really cool and it keeps me sweat free for about half an hour.


  • Decent price.
  • Nice fragrance
  • Travel friendly
  • Menthol gives me a cool feeling.
  •  Contain tiny particles that works like scrub sometimes


None for me.


I totally recommend it ,because it is available on quite decent price.

Will I buy it again:-

I will definitely buy it again but in another fragrance.


If anyone else have used it then share your experiences with me.

With Love
















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